Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mitsitam Cafe- Winter 2013 Menu

I got to check out the Winter 2013 selections at Mitsitam.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to try out as many dishes as I would have liked. They were out of Indian Bread Pudding (which was one of my first choices, and the place was getting crowded.

I decided to grab just a couple of things. I opted for the Brunswick Stew and a Pinenut and Rosemary Tart.

The Brunswick Stew contains venison, chicken, rabbit, corn, beans, carrot and a white corn Johnny cake.

It was pretty tasty. There wasn't much meat in my cup, but what I did taste was soft and not overcooked. The Johnny cake was a nice addition. It balanced the savory liquids in the stew and gave a nice bite.

The Pinenut Tart was a little lemony and had a custard-like filling.

Winter 2013 didn't disappoint me. I do wish I had more time to add a couple of other dishes. But I was happy, nonetheless. :)


  1. That just means you have to visit again in Spring/Summer :)

    -(Jess who is at work and can't sign in)

    1. Hey Jess! Yes, I plan on heading back there in the spring. :)